About Baby Shima

Who Is Baby Shima?

Baby Shima is the popular name of Nor Ashima Ramli, a Malaysian singer under Nagaswara (Indonesia) Music Record and Artists Management. She is a multitalented singer of “Sing”, a karaoke application on mobile (Android & iOS) that is developed by Smule. She sings Indonesian pop songs, Malaysian pop songs, Dangdut songs (Indonesian unique music), and also English pop songs.
With many titles was sung by her, and about 435k recordings (and collaborations) with other Sing! members, this cute woman is so popular in Smule, Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram. She has golden voice, amazingly beautiful and very prety sounds. That’s why she reach more than 1.1M followers of Sing! app.
Shima also sings publicly, and she has already released four (4) single albums titled “Lelaki Lama”, “Tak Sabar”, “Nombor Dua”, and “Abang Satu Ringgit”, “Makan Hati”, and  her new singles: “Ini Cinta”,  “Kangen Rosul”, “Jaran Ucul”, and “Main Mata” those are available in this year too (2018)!
Baby Shima was a second artist under Aico Empire Group after B.A.D.Boyz. Her talent has been discovered by Adam when she won variety of singing contest. Baby Shima had already performed in various big entertainment program award such as Anugerah Bintang Popular Berita Harian. She carries out Pop Rock genre to cater all type of listeners, especially teenagers and local Malaysian pop lovers out there.
Music Career
She’s a winner of Bintang Idola Berita Harian 2010 and Mangga Star Search 2009. Previously she already had a single, entitled “Sesaat” fully composed by Adam AF2. Next, she will come out with a new single composed by famous composer, Edry KRU entitled.


Johor Bahru, 20th, 09/1992

Where She Lives

Permas Jaya, Johor Bahru, Malaysia


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  1. The Winner of Bintang Idola Berita Harian 2010
  2. The Winner of Mangga Star Search 2009
  3. The Winner of KPOPNya Raya (astro Ria)